My name is komang sukarsana, I am the 3rd generation coffee farmer in kintamani. I was born in a remote village, precisely in the village of Songan, 18 June 1985, a child farmer on the outskirts of Lake Batur, Kintamani. Once in our village coffee so appreciated until there is a place called “Banjar KOPI”. The lush village is located between the lake batur with the mountain batur with a height of 1100 dpl. But from 1990, there was a pattern of agricultural systems, farmers turned to vegetable crops such as onions, tomatoes, chili, beans. With experience since 2010 as a qualitq control in one coffee company in australia. There is a longing to improve the coffee production and marketing system in a “Fairtrade” pattern where farmers get marketplace and directrade and change the impression of “peasant identical with poverty.” The business concept that is developed more towards the sociopreneur, how to build a business pattern that can provide benefits for coffee farmers, buyers and the preservation of local coffee kintamani.

In 2013 it was chosen as a technologically young technological start-up entrepreneur (teknoprener) Bangli district, in collaboration with Kemenpora, BPPT and Bank Indonesia. In the year 2014 entered the big 4 Bank Indonesia Entrepreneurs category of export-scale products. To improve the competitiveness then I decided to make the business legality so that birth individual business (PO) “BALI ARABICA”. In 2016 selected as JCI Indonesia’s “Best Strategic Program”. Finalists of the top 10 best Indonesian specialty coffee contest (KKSI 7) in 2015

Besides wrestling in the coffee business, my time was also spent in the village. I am also a founder and manager of “Sari Pertiwi Farmer Group” in the village of Songan, Manager of Farmers and Fishermen Contact Farmers (KTNA) at Kintamani sub-district. Became National Vice President 2017 at youth organization JCI (JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL) Indonesia. With positive thinking trying to be the spreading spirit of entepreunership virus especially among farmers’ children.